• Electrical and heating layouts
  • Lighting and audio-visual design layouts
  • Detailed joinery design and specifications

In this stage, we work up the planning drawings into a detailed package. This enables both clients and contractor to fully understand the scope of the project and what is expected in the delivery of the design. The detailed designs will show elevations of rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens bedrooms, studies etc so that the services can be worked out at an early stage. This can be a long and labour intensive stage, but it always pays off during the actual building stage and makes the financial management of the project easier to control.

A specification will, typically, be divided up into a number of sections that cover areas such as demolitions/site clearance, electrical, heating, ecological, audio/visual, external works, internal works etc. The size of the document will vary according to the size of the project from a few pages to a substantial document.

The specification allows the tenderers to price a job in great detail, along with the detailed design package. It is always our aim to produce the design package prior to tendering, but this is not always possible in reality.

Design Specifics Ltd has extensive specialist knowledge of bespoke joinery and furniture making and can both design/advise on all aspects of these, as well as organising their manufacture and fitting. Indeed, our in-house design department can even produce a "computer generated image" of such items in their finished state in the actual room they will be in, although this is not a cheap exercise!